About Us

 Brotherhood Fridges are using an innovative approach to tackling the inefficiency of household fridges which are major contributors to ozone depletion, climate change, increased energy costs and landfill.

In 2005 a pilot scheme trialling a series of measures to increase energy efficiency at minimal cost for second-hand fridges was conducted. Following the successful pilot scheme, this enterprise was launched by the Brotherhood of St Laurence as a Brotherhood business.

Brotherhood Fridges calls on the public to donate second-hand fridges or old fridges that are no longer working or required. These fridge donations are collected from Melbourne households FREE of charge.

Fridges can either be reconditioned and sold through selected stores or degassed as part of the VEET program.

The Victorian government runs the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) scheme, which the Brotherhood participates in.  It works by allowing certain businesses, known as Accredited Persons, to create certificates when they help you make selected energy efficiency improvements to your premises i.e purchasing a new energy efficient fridge. The Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates, are not a rebate system but a way you can save money. One  certificate, represents one tonne of greenhouse gases. Certificates can only be created by an approved organisation. The Brotherhood of St. Laurence can create a certificate in exchange for the donation of your fridge, if it can not be refurbished. In donating your fridge you are assisting in removing greenhouses gases as well as supporting the Brotherhood of St. Laurance.

If you would like more  information you can access the Energy Saver Incentive website here.


For more information on how fridges are processed click here.

Brotherhood Fridges is also a step towards assisting low-income earners in the transition to a more environmentally and economically friendly lifestyle and relieving pressures placed on them as a result of climate change.

As part of its philosophy of inclusion, the Brotherhood also aims to strengthen the capacity of new and emerging communities to become active participants in the social and economic life of Australia.

Brotherhood Fridges facilitates this philosophy by offering traineeships to long-term unemployed people, guiding them through on-the-job training and work experience. Upon completion of the six-month traineeship, participants are granted a Certificate II in Electronic Assembly and have the skills necessary to take on regular work.

Patient completed the program in 2008 and became a full-time employee. Read his success story here >